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Doing what you said you would do

Imagine how difficult this is between things we have agreed on – but imagine an agreement that we have made with God.

Many of us did just that during the preparation prior to Easter – getting our hearts and lives ready to come into the Easter season celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus to give His life, to die – be buried – and rise again on the third day.

I think that just like our New Year’s resolutions, our vows or oaths or commitments that we declared get messed up a bit and we lose our way.

Because I am one that has found myself doing the same, I am very aware of the opportunity to lie or be a hypocrite when it comes to the fulfilling of my promises to God. Knowing how I have failed God in my relationship with Him, keeps me from doing such rash vows and promises.

That is why I stopped with making my own promises – that seemed to be always contrary to the will and mind of God, and ended up not bringing glory to God, to other followers of Christ, to the Church, to myself or the people involved in my promise. Now I wait for God to call me to something and when He calls I then respond.

For example, this New Year, God called me to fast for 21 days and offer the year to Him.  I did and I can tell you that I was never hungry in those 21 days and never broke the fast at all.

I pray that your time of commitment during this Easter season has been more of a spiritual journey called of God into your life and that you are enjoying the preparation of your heart towards the things of God.

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