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Keep your word

I know that when I make a promise, I rarely express it with the idea that I am making that promise not only to another person, but in the presence of God.

Since God is a witness, my violation of my word puts me at odds not only with the other person, but also with God.  I think that Peter draws into this thought a bit when he talks about husbands who have arguments with their wives.  He mentions that if husbands do not take care of that and resolve it, then God will not hear their prayers.

By realizing the danger of my sin, I am more inclined, without murmuring or arguing the point, to consider the interests of others as well as my own.  So the law of love requires me to work it out, to make the first step or even if my promise has ill effect on me, to suffer.

This is one of those areas that come and go in our lives and we do not realize that God will hold us accountable as if we made the promise to Him.   I am not sure how far you and I may want to take this, but at some point we might want to restore the fulfillment of the promise.


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