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Heard you were coming

What kind of testimony do you have that you become so important, so sought after at seminars and conferences, such a wanted commodity, that people who know you are coming, will make sure they drop everything just to hear your story?

Well, I am not too sure what kind of testimony that would be, but I do know that this kind of testimony comes from the way God takes His people to Himself.  It is a testimony of ones journey following God.

Everyone’s testimony is important, even if not infamous.

The former events of our lives are usually mentioned in a testimony and there are usually descriptions of God’s providence, seen or unseen at the time, in our lives, or at least in the life of our family.  There are also stories of where we used to live and occupied our life with. There is even a reflection on our attitudes.

Following that we have the revelation of sin, ingratitude and disobedience followed quickly by the kindness of God that leaves us without excuse for our sins.  So much so that we would never want to travel the paths we travelled on before unless we could travel them with the hope and grace of God so that we would not commit these sins again.

That testimony is something that goes before us when we declare it loud and clear.  We boast in the glory of God and it is the glory of God that goes before us wherever we go.  Have we been telling it – if so, there are people who are hearing it and when you come they can’t wait to tell you that they have been waiting for you to tell it again.

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6 thoughts on “Heard you were coming

  1. RicardoEquips on said:

    This is cool, because today I just dropped another testimony blog called, “I USE to HATE the Church Testimony”. You can check it out at

    Or if you prefer to stay on you can read it @

    This is just one of my many testimonies that didn’t make my e-Book called “7 Major Testimonies”.

  2. Great article!

    There is nothing that we could do to add up to God’s glory. But His grace gives us a chance to share with His glory… once we completely surrender our life to Him in obedience and humility.
    We’re changed from glory to glory… as long as we set our hearts on Him. 🙂

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