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…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

Normally, it takes only days

I mean there are two ways of looking at this – we know if we help or get involved and make the butterfly come out sooner it will die because the struggle creates the strength to survive and we have used the analogy many times.  What if it should only take days, but ends up taking weeks?  What then?

There are many, many times when I feel that somehow my life has been put on the shelf and God has forgotten me – I mean He still loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life – but for now, that means I am on the shelf.

I have to  say that I start thinking if maybe I have been rebellious or have missed the call or the opportunity has passed me by while I was taking detours.  Maybe it was my unbelief that caused me not to see the way.

It might all be true and then again it might not.  Maybe this was part of the training, part of the experience, part of the practice of being, and getting prepared for the ultimate task or adventure.  Maybe I needed to practice more obedience then disobedience, more to the still, small voice then the booming voice inside my head, maybe I had to learn how to take and keep taking one step forward instead of one step forward and two backward.

So with these thoughts I start breathing again, knowing that my trouble and struggles enable me in the run of my journey with Christ to go forward in my course to follow Jesus and to know that regardless of when that calling of direct and visible purpose may come, I am encouraged with the promise of spending eternity with Him.

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