master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

listen, obey, live, enter, possess, obtain

Paying attention, even if perceived to be general, any special mentions and expected enforcement of the fundamental principles of the promises made by God to us, including the spiritual nature of the Trinity, and God’s exclusive right to our allegiance, and appreciating His abhorrence of idolatry in every form, and that His choice was us for His followers means we have everything we need to be the stewards of life that God has called us to be.

So we need to be concerned about rites and ceremonies, judgments – all that concerns matters of civil right and wrong.

We do this at the same time remembering the great and good things the Lord had done for us, ever since we made the decision to follow Him.  The times we could have gone hungry, but we did not, the times we should have been harmed, but were preserved and the times we needed wisdom to overcome, it was given –  for nothing is a greater incentive to obedience than the kindness and goodness of God.

So we have the law of the Old Testament, and the Gospel of grace and truth by Jesus Christ given to us not just to hear but to do.  In doing we live and do not think that applies only to our spiritual and eternal life – but a corporeal life, a contented enjoyment of the blessings of our earthly life.

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