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When the Lord brings you…

I am attending a class called Perspectives every Monday night for 3 hours.  It is a missions based course designed to properly align God‘s missional purposes with our own. It is quite an eye opener and its unique approach allows for a different speaker each week.

Part of me looking forward to each class are engaging those who attend.  There are those around my table that gather each week that we are starting to get to know.  Some are seasonal veterans, most are rookies, and then there are others like myself who need to have a solid foundation even though they are already engaged in missional work.

Last night a gentleman approached me and we discussed what God is doing among our families and how we need Him to reflect Himself through us when we are around them.  We pray that those who do not know Jesus will respond to His call.

He ended the conversation with this thought – it’s not a new thought, but a renewed one as I have not heard it spoken for quite some time – that many of us pick up our bags and go missional.  His concern was in the calling of God.  When we go missional, we engage in spiritual authorities and powers that are over certain communities.  To go and not be called, to go and not address the armour of God, to go and not be supported in prayer, to go without holding the right hand of God or to go when the Lord is not bringing you…means possible disaster.

When the Lord brings you – He leads, guides, protects, enables and delivers.   So the call to go missional is there for all of us – go where the Lord is bringing you and may you have incredible opportunities and testimonies of discipling whether that is in the local daycare, the group home, the work place or, if you really need to, and the Lord knows, a place in Hawaii 🙂


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One thought on “When the Lord brings you…

  1. Great class. It IS a real eye opener. Enjoy!

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