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The Lord will go before you…

Can you imagine, not only do we move forward holding the hand of God, not only are we comforted and encouraged by His presence that will never leave us, the Lord also goes before us, ahead of us, to scout out the situation and prepare it as a place of safety.

The same God who guides and directs, is the same God who protects and defends and is the same God that goes ahead of me to make sure there is nothing standing that will destroy me.

I know that this drives me to God – I engage my hope in Him.  He assures me of victory, by the presence of God with me. I have to caution myself to make sure that I do not, even for a moment, have the least thought of my own righteousness, as if that procured this favour at God’s hand.In Christ, we have both righteousness and strength; in Him we must glory, not in ourselves, or in any sufficiency of our own.

What does that look like in my life?

Personally, when we go visiting our family, we ask God to go before us to prepare the visit.  We want our family to know Jesus and we pray that He will “set-up” whatever is necessary for that to happen and secondly, we are always concerned of events that might happen there that will not ensure the safety of our own family.

In my job, as I visit people, I pray that God is already preparing the hearts of those I am going to see before I arrive.  I pray that my own heart will be sensitive to their needs and that I will know what to share, read and pray with them.

Results of the Lord going before me – He is increased, I am decreased and He receives the glory and the thanks for all that is accomplished.

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5 thoughts on “The Lord will go before you…

  1. Thanks for the post. I appreciated what you had to write… and, by the way, I love that picture!

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