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love and obey

If there are ever two misunderstood, widely misused and abused, it has to be these two words – love and obey.

With that, we have God asking us to do both.

Without love there cannot be obedience, no happiness for the soul.  For a heart destitute of the love for God, is empty of anything good and miserable.

Without obedience there cannot be a love for God.  We are a headstrong, selfish, and controlling people, prone to rebellion, and violently addicted to placing every and anything as God in our lives as opposed to God.  We always run imminent risk of being seduced by other religions and can’t seem to shake the characteristics of our lifestyle we just left when we made our decision to serve God.

Love will work in obedience, and that only is acceptable obedience which flows from a principle of love.

God modelled it.  God loved us so much He sent His son to die for us.  Jesus loved the Father so much, He offered Himself.  When I think of how much I am loved, I stretch my hands from side to side as far as they will go and remember this is how much Jesus loved me and He showed the whole world.

Is that kind of love so hard to follow?





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6 thoughts on “love and obey

  1. andydbrown on said:

    Well written! To talk about “obedience” to many church goers in these days, you run the risk of being labelled “a Pharisee” or “legalist”. Jesus did say, “If you keep My commands, you will remain in My love..” (John 15:10) Thanks for posting this! God bless always!
    By the way, the Protestant Church in Oman just had our big AGM (Annual General Meeting) and it was good to see that the giving committee had given your organization (Sat 7 Cyprus) 1,000 rials! (or about $2,500 US) I immediate thought of you and your blog when I read that! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on airoflife and commented:
    Obedience opens the Gates of Heaven for blessings. It’s the “key” to God’s heart and have God’s favor in our life. Just like Abraham… Without obedience, we cannot say we truly love God.

    Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commandments..” John 14:15

    I am reblogging this wonderful article from Master of life in earth, sea and sky about Love and Obedience. Thank you.

  3. Hi, Erwin. This was a good point well written.

    Everyone wants us to think that love is something you feel, but used Biblically, it is more tied in to what you do. Real love doesn’t just feel, it acts. That’s why it is so closely tied to obedience. And that means we obey, even in those times we don’t feel like obeying, because we love God.

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