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Remember to Celebrate

The biggest obstacle in celebrating is just remembering to do it – setting aside time to prepare for a celebration, a good celebration, takes time, and for time to work, we have to remember to do it.

No celebration really takes place unless there is some kind of food involved.

In our family, we celebrate birthdays for a week – mostly because we have to fit our food into it – Friday’s a special pizza, Saturday is the birthday cake, Sunday is a special restaurant, Wednesday is a special homemade dinner with the birthday boy/girl asking for their favorite meal and deciding who will make it (I have had the privilege to do this a few times).

My wife’s family have great celebrations in the backyard and everyone comes to attend.  Those times call for a roasted goat on a spit over an open fire – and throw in a soccer game – just so this Dutch guy can teach a few tricks to his Italian in-laws.

Those are celebrations that people have taken the time and effort to make them happen.

I like celebrating spiritual occasions too.  When our children made decisions to be water baptized, we made a big deal of it.  Our niece just made a decision to follow Jesus and we are taking time each Sunday to celebrate with her when she joins us at church on Sundays.

That is what makes friendships so amazing.  If we do not take the time to celebrate friends, we seem at a loss, even unconnected.  Thoughts come into our mind that are not healthy and we find ourselves a bit alone.  So taking time with friends, just for the sake of friendship is an amazing celebration to remember.

The same could be said when going home to visit parents.  We rarely go without something to bring that enables some sort of celebration to take place – of course, food plays a big part in that too as well as little trinkets that amazing in their own right.

I read a posting from a friend who was taking three days to be alone with God.  I can tell you that I was instantly jealous.  I love celebrating my relationship with God, and His love language is time.  What a blessed celebration that is unique and inspiring – life changing!

One thing for sure – there needs to be an abstinence from work for everyone – so one cooks, another cleans, another sets up and another takes down, another one sets up games for the kids, and yet another one sets up games for the adults.   Everyone participating in celebration means that everyone remembers it’s a celebration.


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