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Full-time Ministry


I am thinking about moving into full-time ministry.  That is not new in itself – the new part is as a self-supported missionary instead of a paid staff position funded by a donor base.

It also means that being self-supported, my salary is paid for by people who want to see my type of ministry in action and are willing to donate a portion of their tithes, or sacrificial giving or their first-fruit offerings to make that happen.  I am then seconded into ministry with no expenses necessary from other donors making their donations directly available for ministry.

The decision is also one of self-awareness.  How many who know me would want to support me in ministry?  What if they see no value in me?  What if I am worth $25.00 per month and I need $5,000 per month.  That means I need to know 200 people who love me enough, have enough resources to give and are called of God to give towards “me.”

I am also thinking of all the other postings I read from time to time of families struggling in ministry because there are not enough people supporting them.  Some come on and in time leave and there are not enough new supporters coming in to replace the ones who feel it is time to go.

My wife has already warned me that there better not be another drop in salary.  We have taken quite a hit during the past two years.

I was thinking of joining up with SIM in Canada (OM is a definite options as well). They have something called CCX which is a Canadian missionary branch.  Many of these members are involved in ministry to those who are from a Muslim background and I would be another joining their ranks.  Some are involved in discipleship, others in ministry outreach through a church, others in the universities and I would be instrumental in the building up of the body of Christ in the knowledge of who they are in Christ and how that looks when sharing that faith with their Muslim neighbour.  So I would be coming alongside the church with seminars and teaching material as well as resources.  I would also facilitate evangelism programs to ensure that there is a trend of making God’s love visible through discipleship.

There is also a need to partner with ministries and connecting them together.  Establishing media outlets and tools using the resources and connectedness of these various partner organizations.

Of course, being an instrument of fund raising as well to support our work so that we can produce the Gospel message efficiently and effectively.

I would love your first impressions.


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17 thoughts on “Full-time Ministry

  1. My understanding in this arena is very limited, but God’s is not. I will be praying that He makes your path clear and provides more that enough for your family to thrive rather than struggle.
    Blessings as you obey His leading.

  2. You probably already heard of George Mueller, if you haven’t I read his autobiography about prayer and God’s provision. I’ve come up to the same hurdle it appears your at and he lived a life by faith that was awesome.

  3. I will be in prayer for your journey. Have you considered being “bi-vocational?” There are many strategic jobs which can aid ministry.

    • yes, in fact, that is something I should have mentioned. I have 3 opportunities – so that would make it tri-vocational I guess. Hmmm, starting to feel more comfortable with this “call” as I am getting the words to describe the vision. Many blessings!

  4. RicardoEquips on said:

    Give me your email me and few others have written exclusively on this subject. Or you can write me and we can talk more.

    I am at

  5. whistlersbrother on said:

    whatever you (and remember to include the wife’s feelings). although my defiant streak runs to my very core, i am spiritual. as passing thru i have met ministers, young and old. I have seen wives that seemed almost beaten down as thy wait on their minister hubbies hand and foot. I have seen couples that work like a finely oiled machine together. The minister does his service as according to his holy book and the wife works with women.

    i have always been a bit off the wall, a born cynic and easily found by others to regret they even asked me what i thought about everything from A-Z in the world.
    please dont get the wrong idea bout me—i dont go around looking from scraps—err not so much in a decade or more..but no one has cut out my toungue yet.

    some years ago around 1am i was hit broadside by a pontiac that runa stop side. he’s was estimated ariund 40-45 mph and i was cruising til i seen it all fixing to hit the fan. i have mentioned and readily do that i believe in divine providence…i cant think that fast (well especially so then–ugh) but something guided me to decide 2 choices. i was gonna get plowed eithr way but–i went for it..i dropped one gear down on that HD LowRider and set back hard in the throttle. He hit me (another 3 feet i wouldve outrun)…

    anyway the point i so dredfully dragged out on wordpress (sorry)…was –it took few years for me to see how my life came together better..i could actually see where each piece had feel into place–and i dont believe in pure luck or coincidence
    what so ever…..while in hospital, i met an older minister who knew my folks a he came by….we today are still good good friends…whenever i see him i just throw my arms around him..he knows i’m ‘different up in my brain and never judges me, still today i will her from him. cking on me–he’s the 2nd most loving understanding older man i have known–to be a\

  6. Evan, I am a Missionary Kid (through SIM in Canada). I grew up on the mission field in Africa. I also went out to a different part of Africa with SIM for 4 1/2 months on a short term mission. Support (or lack thereof) could be a big deal. But, God always provided for our needs and I saw my parents always trusting Him even if circumstances were difficult. There were couples who didn’t last in the ministry because they were not both on the same page. Your wife needs to also be in a place of trusting God, no matter the circumstances.

    The important thing is to make sure that you and your wife both fervently pray about this. It’s important that she be ready to trust God with this step as well. If you believe that this is the Lord’s will for you, then HE will provide the funds through supporters who will faithfully pray for you, your family and your ministry and be lead to give to support your ministry. And He will also provide in ways that will amaze you.

    God was never early and He was never late. He was always just in time according to His timing (not ours). My parents were on the misison field for 27 years and God was always faithful. It is definitely a journey of total faith and trust in the Lord.

    This is an exciting phase of life for you. My family will be praying for you as you make this decision. God bless.

    • Wow – how about that! Your words are what is in my heart – now I just need to go and trust. Thanks for the words of wisdom regarding my wife. We are almost on the same page – so I will continue to pray. One thing is for sure – I believe this is an exciting phase of our life right now – thanks for sharing!

  7. We’ll be praying friend, and definitely will stay abreast of where God leads you. We’re very missions oriented, so keep us informed. God bless.

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  9. andydbrown on said:

    We’ll continue praying for your continued support. Why not put a “support this ministry” button on this blog with a link to paying your paypal account for those who would like to assist in your ministry?! Just an idea. God bless!

  10. Thanks Andy, haven’t defined that ministry yet – but I am much closer today than ever before. Keep praying, I think that by the end of September I will be moving forward with a definite plan – need to check out the donate button idea. Do me a favour – check out this wordpress page and see if this template works with “donate button.” From what I can see it doesn’t –

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