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There is something about Job that has my attention this morning.  He asked God not only to forgive his sins but the sins of his entire family.

As the priest in my home, I am thinking of doing the same – making sure that I am right with God each day and then humbly request the mercy of God for my entire family.

Come to think of it, this could get quite big.  We could pray for God to forgive an entire church, community, maybe even a country.

The power of speaking forgiveness into the lives of other people.

I think we may all learn from this – to take heed about ourselves getting involved in sin that might carry consequences to our families.  If we have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, if we do not reprove them, I believe there are consequences not just for me or for any member of my family, but the consequences can effect all of us.


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10 thoughts on “Forgive

  1. whistlersbrother on said:

    it’s a hard long road, that some have to run, and for all,that cannot forgive themselves for a world of bad, it’s hard to move on. i was convinced i never would be able to let go of so ,so,so,so many things i did. i excepted i was a lost cause and that was it. i was bitter,etc..sometimes within the last 6-8 ,onths it was like i woke up and i didnt feel it anymore..i was HAPPY to be alive and began looking towards a future..i still aint no angel by a long shot, but attitudes have chainged and some hate and bitterness have vaporized..and those feelings i had since 11 or as George Harrison wrote, “here comes the sun. it’s alright’..

    live free, strive for good change and never forget a human being is the most precious resourse. after all, pyschos like me just need to be smacked everyonce in awhile. LOL

    • and you still have your sense of humour which is a blessing I am sure…thanks and may you continue to sense God’s amazing presence in your life – God is good

      • whistlersbrother on said:

        YES He is.. No doubt here. When I’m a 125, i may have the hang of it all. peace to u.

  2. RicardoEquips on said:


  3. Very true, friend. Good words. Not just praying for, but intercessory prayers on the behalf of… even the world. Wow! That’s big. Thanks friend, and God bless.

  4. whistlersbrother on said:

    yeah and while i had been finally feeling ubove the storm my mother told me on the phone that my recently deceased daddy ..”it just killed him to know you smoked and some of the things you had done and knowing he never did..and you were never brought up that way”…..out of the blue while i was on a downer….so the studio audioence laughs me out?

    • That happens so often – I have to admit, that I have been the downer sometimes too. Makes me upset when it happens to me and when I happen to someone else – my prayer when I am in deep thought like this – Lord have mercy on me! Sometimes I yell it out – He always does and I can really sense His forgiveness and forgetfulness!

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