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The Hebrew noun mamzer (Hebrew: ממזר‎) in the Hebrew Bible and Jewish religious law, is a person born from certain forbidden relationships, or the descendant of such a person. A mamzer is someone who is either born of adultery by a married woman, or born of incest (as defined by the Bible), or someone who has a mamzer as a parent. The mamzer status is not synonymous with illegitimacy, since it does not include children whose mother was unmarried.

Today, more than ever, Christians in leadership positions all over the world are engaging in relationships outside of their marriage.  The last survey I read, over 60% of pastors in the church have had sexual relationships outside of their marriage – I also know that 60% of students in some Bible colleges ( and do not think those are liberal, I am talking about conservative Bible colleges) have engaged in sexual relationships outside of marriage.  There might be a correlation there.

In the OT, a child from such a relationship was basically never allowed, nor their children, to enter into the sanctuary – at least up to ten generations.

I think that we abuse power far too often.  It is one of the three deadly sins and leads to the other two – money and sex.

So as much as I advocate us understanding the we have been given the privilege of being God’s representatives on this earth, responsible for stewarding what He has blessed us with, if we step outside of that for even a moment, we can fall.  King David did – just for a moment – a moment too long – and look at what happened.

It is an absolute.  Donald Miller, in his book, Blue Like Jazz, has determined that men think about sex 75% of their waking hours.  Let me make this clear – this is a man’s issue.  Even if a woman was to walk up to him completely naked – he has one job – get out of there as fast as he can.  Joseph gave us the perfect example – and believe me, no one in this world is going to believe you that you did that – just like Joseph wasn’t.

When a man confesses that he couldn’t help himself, he is saying that God does not exist.  Every man needs to know that the ramifications of a relationship outside his own marriage is one of destruction – period.  It destroys his relationship with God.

We ought to value the privileges of being able to call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ, both for ourselves and for our children, above all other advantages. No personal blemishes, no crimes of our previous generations, no difference of nation, shuts us out under the grace that has been purchased for us by the blood of Christ. But an unsound heart will deprive us of blessings; and a bad example, or an unsuitable marriage, may shut our children from them.

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  2. Well said! Thank you for speaking the truth with boldness.

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