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Priorities – give, worship, honour

Private and personal, giving was always intended to reflect the character of God and His own generosity.  On a more practical level we also keep this up on a regular basis so that we are continually remembering the kindness of God in preserving us through so many difficulties and literally fulfilling the promises He made to us.  God being the author of all our blessings, the very first opportunity, with the very first “paycheck” we give to Him, as the author of every good and perfect gift. With that perspective and understanding, we come to give with  joy, and a cheerful heart.

So I come with a posture of worship, even if at times it may seem a sacrifice of praise offered in faith, denoting my reverence to God.

What a wonderful way to honour God.  Why do we come up with so many reasons why we do not have to give, or why we don’t have to give so much?  I am so thankful for everything I have and I want to acknowledge my mercies.



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4 thoughts on “Priorities – give, worship, honour

  1. RicardoEquips on said:

    The common answer is fear. Remember the man with one talent/pound. “For I was afraid.” is what he told the Lord.

    Giving is always in faith, love, and hope. If any of these three are missing so is the point of giving OR fear is there and they do not give because we feel we can take better care of ourselves by holding on to it

    The money we have is our SEED and it needs to be sown–given to receive a HARVEST (what we reap). We give the seed (plant and water) and God gives the INCREASE harvest. This is a timeless law that works like gravity. And you do not have to be a believe for this principle to work. God stated, “As long as the earth remains there will always be seed time and harvest.” Be not deceive, we shall reap what we sow, we shall reap WHERE we sow it (I can’t love on my friends kids and neglect mine and expect for my kids to love me back), and we REAL MUCH MORE THEN WE SOW!

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