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God will transform you!

How many times do we try to be a better person – try not to hate, slow down the anger, try to love more, try not to judge etc.?

There are so many books out there that act like self-help books – I have read many that are helpful and some that are not – I am reading one called the Secrets to Spiritual Success and there are seven in total.  I like it because it actually is saying only one thing – listen to, understand and do what God wants me to do.

That’s it in a nutshell I think.  If we can be that follower of Jesus – waking up in the morning and saying, Lord today the “I” in my life needs to be crossed out and that makes a cross (“t”) – so following Galatians 2:21 – 22 – I am crucified with Christ – allowing you to lead me today.

The most amazing things happen we do – God has room to transform us – we do not have to.  With transformation comes blessings.

So this means that if I am traveling in the city, I will be blessed; if I am going out into the country, I will be blessed; my children will be a blessing; the work of my hands will be blessed, I will have all that I need, and more to share with others


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