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Hearts, Eyes, Ears

The art-world thinks that they own the innovation of being able to connect the heart, eyes and ears within its aura of performances – that might be possibly true.

I am thinking more about the heart that understands, the eyes that see, and the ears that hear.

How many times are we told that people can’t do these things because God has not opened these venues up to us and that for a moment in time we walk around not being able to understand, see or hear what the word of God is speaking into our lives.

Even so, if we were able to, how many of us would not be able to comprehend or even imagine what was just revealed to us – how to articulate something and explain something that has no point of relevance to our current life.

But if we are called to lead, to make a difference, to bring Christ into our world of existence and make Him known there – not only by our speech, but by our example and model of leadership – we have to be able to understand, see and hear.

I remember once that Jesus gave a parable to the people.  When the disciples were in the boat with Jesus, they asked Him what it meant – they were sharply rebuked for not understanding, seeing or hearing – He then explained its meaning.

From that experience, I believe there is a connection that we miss sometimes.  I believe that when we ask God to reveal the secrets of the universe to us, when we ask, seek, knock and by that we keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking, that God begins the intimate relationship with us and engages us in opening the word of God and enabling us to understand, see and hear through the work of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer today is that as this requires time, that I would give myself the opportunity of giving God my time.  A passion that equals few others – to know God, to see His plan, to hear His voice – and then to share what He has given to me, to others, so that they may know Him too my community.

May the Lord give us hearts to understand, eyes to see, and ears to hear.



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