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The Lord will lead you

I know that leadership matters – it is just that ultimately the Lord leads and we follow.  If not, no leader should have any followers.

It is because of our awesome God going before us, fighting our battles for us, that we have no fear.

We have the constant presence of God with us. With His presence with us we are encouraged in our faith and hope; we have the Good News; He will never fail us and He will never leave us.

When I meet such a fork in the road of life, on my own, I will choose either path – if there is no other guidance available to me – and I will never be afraid that I made the wrong decision because I did not.  I believe that God is my ultimate leader and He would never have taken me this far in my relationship with Him to make me lose my way.  I believe that an angel of the Lord could come and stop me from making a wrong decision.  I believe just as a donkey could talk, the trees, birds and dirt road could talk, if necessary.  I believe that whatever road I choose that God would come with me and together the adventure continues.

Point is only this – He leads, I follow and should I have the opportunity once in a while to make the choice – I would love it and enjoy doing so.  May the Lord give you lots of opportunities to be joyful in your journey and never fear, the path you are on is the same one He is on.


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3 thoughts on “The Lord will lead you

  1. That’s nice, thanks for sharing.

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