master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

Since you have never traveled this way before

This is what adventures do – take you places you have never been – so it is incredibly important to make sure that you are far enough, not to far, but far enough behind what God wants you to do so that you do not miss a turn or miss a cue as to the direction or action you need to take to keep following.

We have talked about holding the hand of God on numerous occasions, but in an adventure, when something new is happening, it usually requires God going before us, preparing the way.

Christ has shown us the path to salvation, we continue to discern and be directed as to how to keep on the path, but because we are called individually to follow Jesus, each with our own calling and sense of purpose – the how we do this might be something we have never done before, nor have we seen being done by anyone else.  Quite the adventure and not for the faint of heart.

This is what walking by faith is really all about.  I immediately think of Abraham as an example of such a journey.

I am still a believer in early morning experiences with God – and I concede that I am a morning person – so no worries for you night hawks.  When you think about it though, if great things are going to take place today, it would be best to get an early jump on the day, right?  Sleep and poverty seem to go hand in hand in the proverbs 🙂

As our guide we have the Word to be our standard call to obedience and thereby trust, we have the direction given to us by the Spirit and we go with the peace of God (no peace, do not move), and to some extent, we have those who have gone before us, whenever that is applicable.

If we know God loves us, and we know that He will protect us, then we can proceed with boldness and cheerfulness.  So whether we fulfill our calling in poverty, pain, labour, persecution, reproach or death, we are seen as followers of our Author and Finisher of our faith and can we set our feet in any dangerous or difficult spot, through our whole journey.  Maybe if the footprints of Jesus can be seen before us, then we can set ourselves to place our steps in the same footprints that He made.

One note that I was reminded quite vividly about this morning – we need to set ourselves apart, given to wholeheartedly following Jesus so as to be able to move completely free in the power of God’s love, free from sin, and not in a place where we might grieve the Holy Spirit.


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