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Shame rolled away

There is nothing like setting things right – it is what needs to happen if we are going to lose any shame that we might feel we have.

Nothing sets things right like God, who we are trusting to do what He said He would do, comes through and makes it happen!

I am not sure if your past is like mine – but Jesus promised to set me free.  He promised to roll away that invisible film of shame and gave me His life so that I might live.  That living is not just getting by – but free, uninhabited, and full of confidence and life – His life.

I believed Him, and gave my life to Him, to follow Him allows me not to trust my senses, but to trust His Word – God is good – all the time – all the time – God is good!

People try to put me back into my place of shame, whispers from time to time try to put me back in my place of shame, memories and series of events try to put me back into shame – but if you have been set free – you are free indeed!  I have learned to trust His voice, to follow only Him – His Words have never failed me – when I hear the soft words – I love you – in the midst of “noise” I am filled with a peace that passes all understanding – what do you have that can beat that!

What standard, what sign do I have that says I belong to Him – my choice, my God?

Lord, I pray that I always respond back to your love, with my love.  May I never be ashamed of You, may I declare your glory,  wonder, power, grace, healing and mercy and might.  You are my salvation – I come to you with boldness before your throne and I present you to others with boldness – for you are my God and my Lord – I thank you that you know my name, rolled away my shame, and call me your child – I love you..

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