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Make your confession

I am not sure how we think that God doesn’t know…I mean, He is the all-knowing one, the omniscient God.  Why do we not confess?

Confession is an amazing thing – I am sure someone has put together some thesis paper, some sort of study that describes the beauty of this design.  It builds people up, it creates a proper standing of the justice of God, it allows us to understand salvation and grace, and it brings us to a healthy perspective of humility.

God’s specialty is bringing to light the hidden works of darkness.

Let’s face it, we are usually more troubled by our wrong and God finds a way to relieve us of our trouble by exposing it and setting things right.  It’s odd, but I still remember when I was 16 years old and visiting my aunt and uncle in Germany.  I think I went through my rebellious teenage years during that three-month visit – much to the horror of my aunt and uncle.  There were times that I knew that I needed some sort of calling out, something to make me feel better for the poor attitude I had brought to the visit.  My dad sure would have helped me in this area if he had been there.

May our eyes not deceive us, for if we allow them to, we will weep.

May our hearts not deceive us, for if we allow it to, we will exchange our love for the eternal for things that our temporal.

May our faith not deceive us, for if we allow it to, we will trust ill-gotten treasure, we will be deceived that we will even rob God.

So when I am troubled, I need to remember that many times I am not alone.  My family, my work associates or my friends get all pulled in or maybe I should say, sucked into my sin.  I cannot think that I alone am suffering and that my rebellion against God is hurting no one else but me.  My hidden sin is probably exposed all over my face and my attitude.

When we destroy the good inside of us what is left?  Let’s confess and make things right with God, for only then can we make things right with ourselves and then restore our relationships around us.  Let’s not let the progression of sin consume more than it should – just a moment in time – and offer it no history, no testimony.  Let us see how quickly we can return to bringing glory and honour to our Lord and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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