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Why have you not obeyed?

The act of obedience seems rather simple, maybe so simple that it makes it easy to disobey.

Consider the call to share the gospel with others or to destroy anything in our lives that would consume us more than God – very simple instructions to follow – yet a very hard thing to do and we get used to not doing them so that it becomes the norm.

Are our hearts that far away from God, have we become so filled with ingratitude for what He has done for us, or are we just prone to worshiping money, power, sex…and liking it?

We deceive ourselves if we think we can take advantage of our friendship with God and at the same time, our friendship with the world.  Our own sin becomes our punishment and will get in the way of us moving forward.

I know that at times, when I have wandered and have come back to the Word of God, I cannot be engaged with reading it with dry eyes as I am overwhelmed with His incredible love.  Had I kept close to God and was firm in my decision to follow after Him, I would be singing and worshiping instead of weeping over my sin.



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