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Two generations worshipped, the next did not

I was listening to the radio one day as I traveled to an appointment and heard that it takes up to three generations for a family to lose their identity in following Jesus if they do nothing to purposefully pass along the testimonies of their experiences in following Jesus themselves.

My job is meeting with people, Christians in fact, and I can tell you that number can go as low as two generations and the next one following could care less.

If we are called to lead, surely we must lead our families before we can even think about leading others or stewarding life.

What we do instead is cherish and indulge our own appetites and passions; therefore God leaves us to ourselves, and under the power of own sins, we experience ruin.  You will notice that it is not just us, personally who suffer, but our entire generation of families that follow after us.

Most of us already are aware just how naturally it is for us to be deceitful and judgmental and how are hearts are not necessarily bent towards the things of God.  Even so, we are not willing to believe it, almost as if we are in a state of denial until by making bold with temptation we find it true by sad experience. We need to examine how matters stand with ourselves, and to pray without ceasing, that we may be rooted and grounded in love, and that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith.

Let us declare war against every sin, and follow after holiness all our days, so that the generations of our family that follow after us will have an example of God’s mercy, love and grace and can see just how adventurous it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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