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Cry out for help

I think it is a fair question to ask, “When do we cry out for help?”

Is it when the opposing forces have mounted such insurmountable numbers that we have no other choice or is it after a really long time of being oppressed and finally, finally we wake up and realize that we can cry out for help?

I think that it might even be worse than this.  What if we cry out for help only when our distress gets to such a level that only when we see that there is no other way of relief, we turn to God, our last choice.

So we slight Him in prosperity, and we slight Him when we are in trouble.

I have been in a place where I call out to God for help and it seems that there is no answer – for months, and in one case for years.  But I can say that He did answer my call and both times were miraculous.

Come to think of it, we are always helpless are we not?  The need to call on God for help is a daily pattern of trust.  Our battles are rarely in the physical realm, but definitely rooted in the spiritual.  Our need is rarely in “things,” but rather a living faith in God.

So it is that when we think we have an idea of how God can help us, we are amazed on “how,” because it rarely matches up to what we were thinking or wanting.  Yet when we step back and look at it in hindsight, we are so grateful.



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2 thoughts on “Cry out for help

  1. So true. I often tell my kids we need to turn to God has our first response and not our last resort. Sometimes it is so hard to see and hear God in the storm. We have to go on faith that he is there beside us. I like to think that when I cannot see him beside me it is at that point that he is behind me holding me up! Thank you so much for the post. I am speaking at Homeschool Convention in a week on Homeschooling through adversity and this really spoke to my heart! I pray you have a blessed and wonderful week!

    • thank you so much for taking the time to share that testimony and I pray that I am not too late in responding to God blessing your time with the Homeschooling conference. Even so, He will be there by your side
      ! Blessings

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