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Why does God use individuals?

I am a firm believer in teams.  I love them, work well with them, and rarely see them fail.

So why does it seem that God enjoys working with individuals?

Yes, I know that Jesus worked with the 12 disciples, but even then, He worked with them individually too even though they may traveled as a group and were taught in a group;

I believe that He chose to work with individuals because He could reveal the excellence of His power to everyone.  In other words, there would be no guessing that this favour was not something that any one person could accomplish – only God.  So the empowered one fills others with confidence that their God reigns and those who do not follow God are filled with a sense of fear – they are on the wrong side.

God sets that odds so that all will know that He is to be praise for any victory – it is our activity and wisdom that need to be dependent on God.

Not doing so might bring us through a place where our trust is displaced and replaced with unbelief in what God can do.  The other side of the coin would be the infamous arch-enemy called pride where not only do we think we can do it by ourselves, we would exalt ourselves in such a position as to say we no longer need God and set Him aside.

So as a leader, we know that God is calling us to lead and will empower us with everything we need to do the job.  If you do not remember to praise Him and give Him glory in all that He does – do not be surprised if your numbers start to sag. That is not the end of the day, just a little bit more prayer, listening and then engaging God’s plan for all to see His hand and view His wonders will set your course back on track.


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4 thoughts on “Why does God use individuals?

  1. Interesting post! I believe there is even more opportunities for teamwork in today’s world because of the Internet.

  2. andydbrown on said:

    Once again I am both inspired and challenged by your insights. Thanks and God bless!

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