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I was just finishing a story that I was reading of a son born as a result of a relationship between his father and a prostitute.  His father kept him among his own children and his wife.  Eventually that young man grew into manhood and maturity and it was then that the brothers decided to throw him out to make sure that he did not receive anything from the estate. All this even though this young man had done nothing wrong.

The young man became quite the leader of other rejects.  He maintained His relationship with God.  He found a way not to blame his brothers and did not become discouraged and that assisted him in his achieving success.

So successful, that his community, in dire straits for excellent leadership, turned to him and ask him to be their leader, knowing that he had all the qualities to get them through some very difficult times ahead.  He cleared some things up with his family, had some spiritual reconciliation with them, and then accepted the call.  The Holy Spirit empowered him to do many things and he was very successful.

After reading it, I immediately wanted to remember all the people in the Bible who were rejected by someone or by society, but God blessed them and supported them.

We tend to drive away those who do not fit the norms dictated by our society, neighbourhoods, or churches.  Often potential is wasted because of prejudice – a refusal to look beyond ill-conceived stereotypes.

I find myself being in situations where I feel rejected because of my lack of education.  Somehow that conversation comes up all the time and my answer never quite measures up to the standard and I find myself on the outside looking in.

Maybe I need to take some time today and look around me to see if there are others being kept out due to factors beyond their control.  The most important thing to me, and what I would share with them, is that everyone can have a place in God’s family.  As I turn my rejection to God, I can go and help others gain acceptance for their character and abilities too.

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2 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Oh how I know that feeling of rejection as you may have gathered when reading my blog. Rejected in marriage, rejected because of my transition by some of my family and peers but praise God, never rejected by Him.

    Shirley Anne x

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