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“I only paid them back for what they did to me”

A tale of action, reaction, and chain reaction based on anger, hatred, hurt and revenge.

Revenge is an uncontrollable monster.  Each vengeful act of retaliation brings another.  It is a boomerang which cannot be thrown without cost to the thrower.

I have to understand that I cannot allow revenge to get my life in its grip and that the only way to halt that cycle of revenge is through  prayer and forgiveness.

Much of the war, disaster, deep-seated hatred, and pain in our world come from this instinct to retaliate. But Jesus told us to not retaliate an eye for an eye, but to take control of the situation by giving even more. When we do this, we act like God, who did not retaliate against people for their sin and rebellion, but instead gave His only Son to die for.

At the end of the day, I think retaliation is about power.  So when someone strikes at one side of our face, and we turn the other side to them and allow them to hit us again, who holds the power?  If someone demands us to carry their load for a mile and we offer to do it for two, who holds the power?  If someone wants so much of our property and we give them more, who holds the power?

Pay back evil with good – empowered by prayer and forgiveness – embracing with the love that Jesus has given us to give away.


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3 thoughts on “Payback

  1. Thanks for the ping back, hope God uses it to help someone. So many are writting about anger this week. Thanks for dealing with it honestly in your blog.

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