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What are we going to do? Who’s going to speak up?

I am afraid that we are entering into days where the laws are not reflective of God‘s character and our lawmakers are not vigorous and attentive to making them stick.

As our philosophy has embraced relativism the outcome has been that we basically no longer need government because everyone will do what is right in their own eyes.  Whether their own is corrupt or not, we are basically being told – who are we to judge.

You know what scares me more – we think that God is showing us favour when we are “blessed.” So if we please ourselves with our own delusions, if we are unexpectedly blessed in our wayward actions, then we think that God is pleased with us.

It is into this culture that we are being called to look at truth.  How we do it and how we say it requires us to go through the scriptures and watch how God presents truth.

We need to understand how the Torah, falling under the authority of God, makes a difference in our lives compared to those who know the truth and depart from it.

What happens when a culture has held the truth, and then they begin to gradually slip away, when they don’t hold to that truth anymore?  What happens when we become apathetic about obedience to God?  What happens when we apostatize, when we turn and we go our own way?  What happens when we end up in anarchy?

I am one who does not see the need to defend the truth through arguments, so I am determined to make God’s love visible through deed and words.  I think that my deeds expressed in love will speak for themselves, but how to make the best use of words will be my struggle.  Let the homework begin!

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9 thoughts on “What are we going to do? Who’s going to speak up?

  1. Evan –

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but you’ve got to get your hands on a copy of “The End of Religion” by Bruxy Cavey. He dedicates a whole section to how Jesus interpreted and Torah and in the process tore down the Jewish religious system. They carry it a Chapters and Indigo.

    Truth, although it seems simple can be a hard thing communicate to people. The best way it to just live it and be prepared to give an answer when people inevitably ask you “why are you so different than the rest of us?”

  2. I’ve always viewed whether God was pleased with me by how many people didn’t like it when I stood up for the truth while still loving them with the Love of God anyway. All who will live godly in Christ Jesus WILL suffer persecution is what Paul said. The verse after that he says that those who are not suffering persecution are deceived and are going from bad to worse (as another translation puts it). I believe blessing (material wise) have nothing to do with favor. I look at blessing as being given to us that will may be able to fully carry out our assignment given. As Paul said that we may be sufficient in all things for the purpose to bring glory to Him and thanks giving (praise) out of the mouth of all those who see our good works.

  3. Excellent point you make! “Do it if it makes you feel good”, that is today’s society. It should be rather “Do it if God is ok with “it”.

    • yep – not that we will necessarily know right away – but in due time we will know that the peace is there or missing. There – means keep going, Missing – means wrong path, wrong choice.

  4. Challenging words, friend! No doubt, we are seeing your ‘what ifs’ unfold before our eyes in western culture. I think you may be on to something with your take on argumentation. We do well to live faithfully before those in our presence, sharing as God permits. We should remember the power of God unto salvation. A small band of men, living as you suggest, proclaiming the good news, turned the world upside down for Jesus Christ (Acts)! Thanks for much to think on!

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