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This is the day – rejoice and be glad!

I ran across the photo above and then realized the posting was exactly fitting into my post – the song, This is the Day, was written specifically for the Royal Wedding.  I heard the music again yesterday, but the words are most powerful when you read them –

The day is so important.  Each day is a new day, the old one has gone, I have put my sins behind me and I take on this new day with a sense of adventure – I was made for this day, this occasion, it comes to me as a gift from the hand of God – what will be of this day?

Each day of creation was such a day, even the Sabbath.  I think of days when there were incredible rejoicing and gladness – the day Jesus was born among us, when I decided to become a follower of Jesus, and probably the day when we all will be with Jesus.

I rejoice when I think of my redemption, my hope, heaven, His protection and all that made possible through the power of the resurrection.

As I rejoice, I change.  I sense a blessing from above, strength, refreshment, I hear cheering, I sense peace, I understand pardon, I know that I am in right standing with God and I am saved – saved from eternity away from Him.

I am so glad that I let this Saviour be my Saviour, my Redeemer.  He has brought light, true light to me – what do I bring Him?  Myself, not as a slain sacrifice, but as a living sacrifice, filled with prayer and praise.  May my day start then with such and may the Lord see my heart rejoicing and being glad!


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4 thoughts on “This is the day – rejoice and be glad!

  1. Even the rocks cry out… Blessings on this spectacular Sunday we have been given!

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