master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

This is the story…

I think I have a knack for telling stories…for the youth on Sunday and Friday, that is a good thing – especially the donors that support SAT-7 Canada.  Not so good when it comes to superiors, colleagues, people in a rush. and believe it or not – people who hate stories.

There are many who think the Bible is a book of rules and judgements and I really can’t get that.  I read a book that tells an awesome story, told by God to a few people, in order that we might get a glimpse of how He thinks, acts and the make-up of His character.

Where else can you find a story about a guy and it’s not really about him, but his wife, and really it ends up being about their son?  Where else can you find stories of people who everyone thinks they are drunk but they are either so full of sorrow or full of the Holy Spirit?  Where else can you see abuse and ridicule take place and then God steps in and gives favour and redeems the one who clinged to Him for hope?  Where else can you see people giving their all to the one and only God knowing who else is there to follow?  Who else takes the little they have, take it, and give it all to God – always trusting and believing, knowing the hands that hold their universe are the same hands that hold them?  Where can you find a soul so seeking, so knocking, so asking – receiving?  Is there any other book that can inspire you with such stories that make you want to be the characters that sought after God, desired to give their lives to Him and no other, and be masters of the life He has given to us with a purpose and a plan?  Who else has promised you such an adventure – going places, doing things, believing things that have never been done before?

This is the greatest story.



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