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Why is God your God?

I find it interesting that many of us made the decision to follow God because of our love for Him — but I think that some came screaming and kicking.

Think about all the times that those who followed after other gods were confronted with the real God and His power – how many of them turned and started to follow after God?  I do not know many.  Remember the Gergesenes, who asked Jesus to leave their coasts, having more regard for their swine than for Him, even though He had set a demon possessed man free!

Our human hearts somehow want to reject God, and when we smart under the judgments of God, would rather, if it were possible, put Him far from us, than enter into covenant or communion with Him, and seek Him for our friend.  But if God is calling us, our plans to escape the Divine only increase the pursuit and sometimes that does not look pretty.  Those that fight against God will soon have enough of it.

Either way – following because He loved you so much, or following Him because He fought for your attention – we are called and given a purpose – may God be your God always.


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