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Where are our children at?

I recall hearing on the radio that if we neglect in raising our children to have a heart and passion for God, helping them develop an intimate relationship with God for themselves, there is a good chance that by the third generation we would have lost our families commitment to serve Jesus.

Since then I have done some recollection of the many Christian families that I visit each week – to my horror this stat is proving incredibly accurate.  Families are admitting that all they have done was take their kids to church each week, some even signing up their kids to attend Christian schools, but the story is the same – three generations later, no one is attending church or has an obvious affinity to following Jesus Christ.

Then some quick Bible stories about Christian leaders and their families and how so many of the children were nowhere near able to carry on the ministry of their parents.  It speaks well into the lives of our leaders who do have children that are leading lives fully devoted to Christ.  Yet, I trust you all hearing me – I am not judging, only acknowledging the incredible difficulty involved in leadership and raising family.

However, they do speak into each other and we must understand that in pursuing leadership, it must not be at the cost of family, but family reflects your leadership.

Why am I saying all this?  I believe God has called us to be “master of life on earth, sky and sea.” I am worried for those who see that as a call in spite of their families.  It should be among our family first that we are stewards of this amazing gift from God and then, from the strength of the family we move to the rest our world.

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