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Your decisions

I have always liked the idea of being called or separated to do a task or accomplish a mission and in that process, I like the anointing of oil and prayer to be part of the ceremony.

So when my son was born and we brought him for dedication at the church, I asked for the inclusion of anointing of oil – it was declined, and there were reasons.

When I accepted my position with the ministry of SAT-7 Canada, whom I serve today, I asked for a ceremony for dedication which was declined at first and then made possible a short while later.  When I asked the person who was to handle the part of the commission service if I could be anointed with oil, it was declined.

My favorite memory of being anointed with oil came just about a year ago.  My wife and I were going through some marital issues and I went to the counselor who was full-time employed at our church.  We had a good discussion and then he anointed me with oil and prayed over me.  I can tell you that I left his office higher than a kite and I can tell you that I knew exactly what God wanted me to do in my marriage and I took a complete 180 degree turn that was completely noticed by my wife in about three days.

It is not such an easy thing to ask for.  I still like it because I believe God likes it.  I remember vividly a time where I knew, with no shadow of a doubt that God had called me into ministry.  I went to Bible College at 16 years of age, finished at 19 and entered youth ministry as full-time employment at 22.  Was let go at 24 because I was reaching out to the poorer district of our community as opposed to the more wealthy part and there was conflict with the rough and tumble verse clean and conservative nature of our parishioners.

So I entered into the world of fund-raising for a Christian ministry through a number of God-driven initiatives.  Six months later I really wanted to know if this was my new calling or was there something else I was to pursue.  I was good at my new job, but was fund-raising really a spiritual ministry?  There was a moment in time when I put a fleece out and God dramatically answered the fleece.  The next morning, as I was in devotions, I remember kneeling and thanking God for His answer to prayer and accepting the role He had given to me to do.  As I was worshiping Him, I felt as if hot oil was being poured over my head and I “heard” God blessing me and setting me apart to do what He wanted me to do.  Through tears, I accepted His love and dedication and have served Him faithfully in this area for the last 27 years.

So when it comes to decision-making, and you have been called to serve God as a follower of Jesus Christ, let me encourage you.  When you need to make a decision, the Spirit of God will come over you and make your decision based on whatever seems best under the circumstances, for the Lord will guide you.

If your church community believes in anointing with oil and offering you to God in prayer – ask for it – and then go boldly where God leads you, for He is leading you.


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2 thoughts on “Your decisions

  1. andydbrown on said:

    Great testimony! I love how you sought to do the Lord’s will even if it was declined. Thanks for sharing and may God bless you more and more as you seek His good, acceptable and perfect will!

  2. Thanks Andy, I accept that blessing!

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