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Everyone is accountable to someone

I have been in so many different situations where I have seen those placed in position of authority immediately determine that they are the authority and need not be accountable to anyone else.

Regretfully, power changes people’s lives and yet here I am advocating that we become the leaders in our lives.

The difference is quite elementary – one is we go looking for the leadership and the anointing of honour and the other, God calls us into the position of leadership and seeks to anoint us with the ability

If we take the approach I am advocating – accepting the call of God on our lives to lead, then we acknowledge that favour and honour with the desire to obey the Lord, by that, I mean we should take care to observe and do, particularly and punctually, what should be glory to Him.

In the end, rests on me to receive my commission as coming from God, and to proceed at once to fulfill it.  God be merciful and give me grace if I think I can change this agreement to meet my own terms or determine my own direction and fulfill my own desires – which I will surely be tempted to do.

Funny thing is that most of the time God will leave me to act in most of the time at my own discretion as an independent leader. That is why we need to be careful with establishing a character of a follower of Jesus, for when the call comes for us to do something maybe unusual or unorthodox, we have to take that foundation of yielding to God each and every day into this new task too.

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