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A Sign

When I look for a sign from God it’s because of two things —

I want to know that either I have the mind of God with me, so that I will be happy and can look forward to peace and “prosperity” in the path I need to choose or if I am close to making a wrong step towards the wrong path then I need to be aware of disappointment, loss of peace and eventually sowing the seeds of such a decision somewhere until I find my way back to the path God had originally called me on.

Can I encourage you with a thought?

Once the sign is given, remember that God may still not give you an immediate clear green light to obtain instant clarity.  In fact there might be some bumps and bruises along the way and you might think that you chose the wrong path when in fact it is a means of God taking this time to prepare you for what you might be experiencing in the near future and where He wants you to be ready and succesful in moving forward.

We need to keep ourselves from murmuring at His gracious direction and appointment, nor distrust His care; looking forward with joyful expectation to what is laid up for us.

I would even say that sometimes it appears to us that there is but a step between us and death; at all times it may be so, and we should prepare for the event. But though dangers appear most threatening, we cannot die till the purpose of God concerning us is accomplished; nor till we have served our generation according to His will, if we are followers of Jesus.

This is true friendship. This is how Christ testifies His love to us, ask, and it shall be done for you; and we must testify our love to Him, by keeping His commandments.





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One thought on “A Sign

  1. Well said. Thanks for posting!

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