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Family Matters

Sometimes I forget this simple truth.

I was reminded of it when I was reading the story of how David was running away from Saul and in the midst of saving his own life, he had the foresight to make sure that his father and mother were safe.

That in itself is a great side of importance – but I love where he placed them – the safe place was Moab.

If you recall, David was the great-grandson from Ruth the Moabitess and his father, Jesse, the grandson. Even families who might be enemies are still family and you might need them one day – so do not burn your bridges.

It’s hard sometimes to see our faith involving our families, but it does.  We might feel we want to go alone, probably feel we can do more alone. but it probably is more like the opportunity of  learning  to trust entirely in the Lord as our only refuge and fortress.

What we fail to realize at times is that our Church family has become a real part of many of our families.  We love being around those who are strong and can put strength into our lives.  Yet I enjoy others who need discipleship and see people grow in the family and used by God.  So they come into the family distressed, we receive them, and we see God change them to a holy people, used by Him in remarkable ways.

The steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord. And the Lord will preserve His people for their appointed work, however they may be hated and exposed, weak or strong.  May we all be prepared to give to our family first and foremost.

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