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Our own intpretation

Sometimes in the most crucial times of our lives, out of the goodness of others hearts and our own, we spin.

I am not sure that it matters what it is we are spinning, just the fact that we are hearing people pass along their own interpretation to us from a perspective they want to see happen or we ourselves will spin something in order to “manipulate” the situation to our advantage.

There is no reason to believe that most of us have experienced this in our lives.  I only bring it up because when it comes to the matter of God‘s heart, then we have issues with truth versus what we can truly call a lie.

Has any preacher or teacher in the church done this to you?  They ask you to look up Hezekiah chapter three and then wait for the congregation to start rustling through the pages of their Bibles until they confer the index at the front and realize they have been duped – there is no such book in the Bible.

How easy is it for someone to preach, quoting Hezekiah chapter three verse 15, stating that everyone needs to put a mark of oil on their head to ward of evil spirits.  Then has a calling to the front to implement this new practice.

Satan did this to Jesus while He was being tempted in the desert.  He spun a few verses that would cause Jesus to do what he wanted, but Jesus knew God’s heart and did not fall for the spin and quoted the true heart of God back at him.

Sometimes it is so hard to know the truth from the lie because the lie sounds so right, it sounds like something we actually would want to do.  A detriment if what we do ends up costing our lives.

I believe that God promises us triumph over evil.  We do not triumph over evil with evil, but rather we triumph over evil with good.  That is probably the best message I have for myself.  For I believe that the ends do not justify the means.  God’s ways are higher than our own – He sees the path ahead clearer than any – may we enjoy the opportunity of practicing in our yielding to Him alone and may we have victory over our own temptations to interpret that differently.

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