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God steps in as part of the story

I can’t count the number of times we screw up and God steps in and saves the day.

Here is what I do like – I like it when we think we know right and wrong and God steps in and honours what we think is wrong and despises what we think is right.  But that is for another day.

Let’s just celebrate today that we are part of God’s story.  By inviting Him into our lives, He takes joy in making sure that everything goes according to plan and that when we mess up, He steps in – invited or not – He just simply cares and loves us that much.

The wise and gracious providence of God appears, both in helping us out of our difficulties, and some of those no human wit could have extricated us, because in choosing sides in a problem, we find – at times – the solutions can be both wrong.

Then there is the secret hope that the Lord would help us out of our difficulty.  It is hard to come near to the brink of sin, and not to fall in.  So the steady hand of God appears at exactly the right moment in time and we are saved.

God’s amazing grace and how He works with His people –  found in our disobedience – the point is that God is always with us.

So you might feel like giving up and for some – giving up is a common problem.

Everything might be going so well but then suddenly all our efforts seem to be in vain.   Although not all problems are due to our wrong decisions, some are and if they are – God is able.

Think of a moral dilemma in which you might run into where you do not know how to get out of without dishonoring your Lord. What would you do?

Let me encourage you – the intervening grace and the compassionate grace of God will be at your service and will assist you in totally unexpected ways.

Let’s take on the journey knowing God knows when to insert Himself into our story to ensure the ending is right where He wants it to be.


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2 thoughts on “God steps in as part of the story

  1. Love the last sentence of this post. Kind of says it all! God is good, trustworthy and true. We can trust Him to be our help in time of need!

  2. Yeah – lately I have not ended well – this was one of the better ones – full of truth!

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