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Cycle of Insanity

There are so many – which one to talk about today?

How about the one where we are not thoughtful, we are not concerned, we encourage fighting, we encourage battle, we call it play when really there are wounds — then it turns on us, and we complain.  If it continues, we complain that it has been going on for eternity.

Let’s face it – when we are in this cycle, we know bitterness.  What should scare us is that bitterness will probably kill one of us, but more likely both of us.  What we do not see, is that it will draw everyone around us to take sides and they will continue the cycle of insanity on our behalf.

So what do we need?  First of all an understanding that we are family.  Then we need to not worry about who was the aggressor to begin with.  That usually requires that the person who is most mature in the cycle of insanity, needs to step out of the cycle to begin the healing process.  I might suggest that the aggressor is rarely the person who ends up being the mature one.


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