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The Lord saves me

I am amazed, still to this day, on the number of people who promise me that they will look after me.  Love the sentiment, but usually when someone looks after you – it is at their terms and not God‘s.

At some point, one has to get pretty rude to get the point across and sometimes it means walking away from a relationship that continues not to get it.

It is hard enough to keep our perspective, a proper view of the goodness and watchful providence of God towards us.

I think of the Vicar of Baghdad who has 35 people assigned as his bodyguard by the government as he serves the Anglican church in Iraq.  But he knows more than anyone else that these men do not matter.  His life is frequently in danger; murderers had often laid wait for it: but God, the living God, had always redeemed his life from all adversity.

It is something to know that God has a complete design for us, and we do not need “salvation” from the hands of those who do not know how to follow the truth.

It’s nice to know that there are rescuers out there, but when they step over their bounds and implement a job that belongs only to God, then they need to be corrected and taught otherwise.  An abuse in this area means that it needs to be called out and told that we put our trust in God.

This is really hard – when can we tell that someone has stepped over the line versus someone who God has brought into our lives to help us?  When we look at these people to “save” us, or our money to “save” us, or our families to “save” us – then we no longer need the Lord to save us – think the line has been crossed from “helping” to “saving.”

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4 thoughts on “The Lord saves me

  1. I like your line of voice-outs.

    I usually treat such people with subtle, Wiley wisdom.

    An apt and sharp “…thank GOD for sending you to help me!” or a (feigned) “…so it really is true that God sends people to help” is sure to drag the overzealous “savior” back to earth. 😉

  2. “This is really hard – when can we tell that someone has stepped over the line versus someone who God has brought into our lives to help us?”

    Well, I believe when we know God, we also know His blessings. Although it’s not always easy to recognize, our blessings are usually right in front of us. And we don’t have to be easy targets for those out there only seeking target practice. We’re Christians not crazy.

    Just knowing we all fall short at times is a comfort we can thank God for.

    Thought provoking post!

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