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Quiet moments in the day

Recollecting is usually what happens to me during my quiet times.  I remember promises made that were not fulfilled, encouraging words to say that were never said, desires that were put on the shelf for another day and most times, the vows I made to love my family until death do we part.

There are events too that trigger quiet moments in the midst of noise – weddings, funerals, baptisms – all of them draw me into the deeper meaning of life.

Funny how there are quiet times, like flying, where I get absolutely nothing.  Not sure what that is about – maybe because I usually do not have a piece of paper handy to jot down the things I need to remember to do.

Amidst numerous affairs we are apt to forget the gratitude we owe, and the engagements we are under, not only to our family and friends, but to God Himself.  Usually my thoughts require some research, some questioning, some sort of probing to understand where to go next.

God is faithful to us; let us not be unfaithful to one another. If God has raised us up, has blessed us in any manner and we find others in a time where they need to be remembered, let us take the smallest and slightest lead from God to bless them and be kind to them.  We do not know why God called us to remember, but we do know that He called and we are part of sharing with another that God was thinking about them today.


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