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The Act

Sometimes it matters how well you act!

It is part of the communication process and is absolute necessary in getting your story across without any incorrect assumptions on the part of the listener.

That might include a monologue of sorts that bring in a third party or a third person.  Seen objectively, a rather subjective point of view can obtain a different perspective.

Of course, when there is a drama act, the truth is not necessarily communicated, but rather the principal of the truth.  From that point, if the act is displayed properly, and the lights come on in the eyes of the person you hope to have persuaded, a real truth can be shared.

My guess is that the moment of the drama to the point of the truth should not be a long time.

Unless of course, the drama is meant to be a part in saving your life or the life of another.

Like the Egyptian women who dramatized the birth of the Hebrew baby boys as being too quick in delivery for them to kill or the lady that was coached by Joab to play a drama scene in front of King David to bring Absalom back home.  Best one was David acting like he went mentally deranged to save his life from a Philistine King.

I love storytelling – its a lost art – but one that is getting a quick start in many circles as the most effective way of sharing the gospel – by the way, a method supported by Jesus.

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