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Ask the right question

I am always looking up to those who know how to ask the right question as opposed to those who know how to answer the question.

It is the asking of a question with the hopes of generating thought, focus, and action from the listener that I admire most.

You might notice that too many of us pose our questions to show off our own knowledge and actually do not even try to solicit any meaningful answers.

Of course, watching Jesus ask a question right after someone else asked a question displays the genius of the right question being asked.

So what do I do with this gift of asking questions.

Well, it seems to me that most of the anger that we see around us from day-to-day can be diffused with the right question.  For instance, lets talk about myself first – when I am angry, the sooner I ask myself why I am angry the sooner I take the first step to recovery.

So, I am angry – I ask why – I always blame someone else first and then ask – what can I do differently or how do I show Jesus’ love or how do I forgive first or Lord forgive me for my incredible pride.

Amazing how a string of questions can lead to the sin in my own life or that in others without tripping them up, shaming them or calling them out.

Lead with questions, as many as we can, lets see how much wisdom we can display, not in the answering, but in the asking.

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