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Singing your song…

When I have come through hell and there are many forms of that in my life – to realize that Jesus has been either holding my hand, carrying me or walking in front or directly behind me all along – makes me want to cry like a baby.

In many ways, those tears are my song.

We will never be delivered from all our demons or our enemies until the day we meet our Lord, but God is faithful in answering the prayer of Jesus to preserve all His people.

When the light comes on in our lives to His incredible mercy, we ought to give Him glory.

For me, after the tears, it’s a song.  While the mercy is fresh, and I am the most touched with its memory, I let the thanks flow as I sense the fire of affection I have for His amazing love for me.

In this song, all my joys and hopes come together, as all our hopes should do, in our great Redeemer, Friend and Saviour – Jesus

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3 thoughts on “Singing your song…

  1. I like that you call your tears, “your song.” I call mine, “the cost of my oil.”


  2. I have to ask where you get your photos. You have some of the most amazing and beautiful pictures on your blog entries!! I enjoy reading your blog.

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