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Want to be a mighty person for God?

When I think of mighty people, I think of the mighty men of David.

Once, I remember reading that he did an audible on his desire for water from the well at Bethlehem. Maybe it was a spiritual thing from days gone by, maybe a moment forgetting that these were not times to be reminiscing, but staying focused on the task at hand.  One thing for sure – he was thirsty.

That simple thought was all that was needed for a few of his mighty men – a whispered heart desire caused them to move forward and expose themselves to death – they were so eager to please him.

Are we that in love with Jesus?

The men went and came back safely, but David poured out the water as a drink-offering to the Lord.  He knew his rash thought and foolish fancy, the simple spoken indulgence, and to stop there and be replaced with rightful worship.

Jesus went to the cross, then down into hell, and then back to heaven again for you and I so that we could taste a simple gift of heaven.  Next time you take communion, remember this.  He is calling you and I to be just as mighty and to take His gifts, the body and the blood, and offer them back to Him in worship.

Mighty people of God – worship Him.

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6 thoughts on “Want to be a mighty person for God?

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    Awesome! thank you for this…a powerful confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking in my Spirit…and through prayer networks…

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Somehow these are the days for prayer and worship – we are going to need God and God is going to use us….

  3. rocky on said:

    excellent thoughts.

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