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Passing the baton

There comes a day in time where our leadership, our responsibilities are over.  The number of days that we are called to do a task are numbered, known by God and He determines not only the end of one era, but the beginning of another.

Hopefully those days are not determined only by the natural decline of our bodies or the increase of our infirmities and various symptoms that determine the inability to keep moving forward.  We want to include, in our moving forward, the ability to pass the baton, the responsibility, to someone else, after giving the best we could give.  The best then can be given to another not to restore, but to continue to move forward what has already be established.  What a joy for both parties, the giver of the baton and the receiver of the baton when that takes place.

I can only hope and pray that you have had great experiencing in receiving the baton from someone else.  There are not very many out there.  Even so, prepare to make that event an incredible opportunity between you and the person you are officially giving your responsibility to.  I say that because there is something very important for you to share.  Make sure that you tell your successor that no man, no king, no CEO that has any power on the day of their death.  If you have no rule over that, than you really are not much of a ruler, but instead encourage them to be submissive to Him who does rule over death – Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Passing the baton

  1. Very wise words, friend! We are called to be disciples… to make disciples. A failure to pass the baton is to fail… period. Probably at the heart of the problems we see in western societies today? Good word… thanks.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    yeah, the way you state the definitive is pretty powerful…thanks!

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