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That’s the problem, right?

I love you Lord, I declare it, illustrate it and I give evidence of my piety, however, except for this one thing, I have given everything else to God.

What is your, “except?”

Yes, I under the intention, I even understand the prevailing mode of worship…and yet we wish to avoid the releasing of this one thing – this one exception.

I work with about 15 youth and they want to follow Jesus except some do not want to pray, and others do not want to read their Bibles and others do not want to stop doing that things they would rather be doing.

Reminds me of my youth, but unfortunately reminds me of my own except – how that one thing keeps me away from God and my time with Him.

Why do we not want to give these things up?

It seems we all have our different reasons – what worries me is that by hanging on to these things we lose the reality of how these things step between us and God, where they make us weak, where they affect the relationships around us.

It really boils down to obedience, but who wants to talk about that.



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  1. Well said and so true!

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