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This is something we create in the workplace quite often – it describes very clearly what is the foundation of our existence, what are the pillars that are built on that foundation and what do we lay across, in other words, what do the pillars thereby support.

I think we label them at times with mission, vision, values, goals – those things are most common.  If we were to personalize them they would probably be more along the lines of love, faith and hope.

Recently I ran across two descriptions of pillars that seemed to make a lot of sense.

One was DIRECTION and the other STRENGTH, and they were the only two established.

I can really relate to DIRECTION as I know God gave me Psalm 32:8 for my own person call to His blessing of direction in my life at age 14.  Then, when I was 18, He gave me Galatians 2:20-21 as my life verse – to remind me that it is in the giving up of myself that I am strengthened to serve Him with the strength He provides through me.

Can you imagine being concerned with God’s will and purpose from my life between the ages of 12 – 14 that I would pray every night asking God to reveal them to me so I could prepare myself.  What I failed to understand that it was God’s desire to establish Himself in me and that my doing so, no one could destroy what He had put together and I could not brag about something I had nothing to do with.

Then at 18, practicing to start each day in prayer, I had to get a rather large piece of paper/cardboard and place it so that when my feet touched the floor as I got out of bed, the first thing they would touch would be this paper.  I put the word JESUS on it as a way to remind me that my prayer time started right then and there and my first call of duty was to remove myself from the day and ask God to fill me with Himself so that whatever I did that day, I would do with Him, through Him.

What are your pillars – not desires, wishes, hopes and dreams – pillars given to you by God, a fixed part of our walk with Him – established, unmovable truth?

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5 thoughts on “Pillars

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    What a humble and powerful testimony of faith, and how encouraging to hear of your heart response to God in your life in your teen years. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. That was beautiful. God was in your life early. That is a blessing. When I was reading your post I thought of myself. I am NOT boasting, but I am a pillar. Steadfast and unmovable. Thanks for sharing!!

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