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Whenever I am in the midst of a large gathering, or responsible to ensure that a large gathering is present for an important meeting, I try to think through the process that makes it as formal as possible.  Formality allows the participant to enter into the importance of the meeting without saying a word.

My wife and I were recently invited to North America’s first year anniversary of the Christian Youth Channel – a satellite television program based in Canada among the Coptic and completely youth based initiative.

The tickets said black tie was optional so you knew something was up.  As we entered into the church parking lot, we figured that the event was in the church hall – but what a hall it was – beautifully designed, simple lines – you knew you were going to enjoy the evening.

First impressions matter.

We allowed a few miscues to go by as a result, but the important message that was to be delivered by the founder of this youth channel did not do his job.

I compare his presentation to my own CEO of SAT-7 when he visited the US and Canadian offices.  We had no fancy attire, probably messed up the first impression, but of the people who came, 80% filled out a response device and all of them praise the clarity and incredible ministry of SAT-7 in the Middle East and North Africa.  Can you imagine 80% of your audience giving a financial gift, encouragement, and willingly desiring to participate make the ministry of SAT-7 successful.

What was the difference?

Convocation – the reason for the large assembly is not to impress only, but with the impression, to share an incredible,  powerful message that will change our worldview and shed light not only on the world at large, but how we fit into that world.

Prayer is mandatory.

Scripture is mandatory.

Worship is mandatory.

May the same principles be found in our own personal lives too.

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3 thoughts on “Convocation

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  2. You are really good about including a pic with each of your posts. I need to get better at that. 🙂

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