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I have heard your prayer

Yes, God has, and we know He has because He has done it – beyond our expectations, a different path chosen maybe, but in the end we were safe, clothed, fed, and He never left us – God has heard our prayers.

You see, that’s not the problem – by that I mean God is not the problem – He always comes through.  The problem is us.  What do we do after He has blessed us beyond measure?

What we fail to see are the days where we look at what we have accomplished, see how our busyness makes a difference, become proud of our accomplishments and possibly, just maybe, we think we are different,  maybe a little bit high-minded – because we have forgotten that all those things were received as an answer to prayer.

After all the services that we perform, all the money that we have given, all the time we have spent doing what God has gifted us to do and to give, we have to remember that we are still on same terms with the Lord as before.  Remember that we are not the ones who are important.  We are still on the same terms  with the Lord as we did on the first encounter with Him.  That will be the case for the rest of our lives.  If we can remember that He hears our prayers, then we can remember to thank Him always.

It wouldn’t hurt from time to time to start a prayer that goes like this…”Lord, I know you hear my prayers…thank you…”

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