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In Disguise?

Who are we trying to fool, our own conscience has already called us on our behaviour and now we act and strut upon the stage making ourselves, sorry, trying to make ourselves to be who we are not.

Sometimes we do not want to be known as a follower of Jesus, or that we love being part of Christian fellowship. Sometimes we do not want people to know that we are hurting or that those we love are hurting.   Sometimes we try to gain another’s favour.

Is it pride that stops us from being who we are – or its shadowy cousin, the lack of self-esteem.  We know we are unworthy, yet fail to confess that unworthiness and walk around as if we have.

We do this with such sincerity don’t we.  The God who knows the number of hairs on your head, the God who knows the future is being fooled by our disguise and doesn’t get it – He can be fooled.

When we harbour sin in our lives, God does a funny thing – He sends some sort of unsettledness into our world in order to convince us that our pretending isn’t going to work and that He wants to reclaim us from this fantasy world that we have created around us.

Being real is what being a follower of Christ is all about and yet I know those who would rather keep their sin and then go to a fortune-teller to ask what their future holds.  This way they keep their sin and see if there is still some good news in the forecast.

In my world, I run across this in the sphere of money.  God has incredible promises of taking care of us and yet when we are in disguise nothing seems to go right.  Couples I meet declare that God is a liar and doesn’t keep His word.  I then contend that they are not being honest with me and that somehow are not being real with the claims they are making.  A few pointed questions and I find that there is no tithing, pleasure comes before Church, God is allowed in this area of their lives, but not in this part.  They do not like this part of the conversation.  I have never been thrown out of a house yet, in most cases the wife has confessed far earlier than the husband, and has vouched for taking off the disguise and being real.

Let’s face it – God will judge us according to what we are, not by what we seem to be.

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