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leading others into sin

As we discussed sin in our youth adventure class, we had to remind each other of the definition of sin – any action that separates us from God and by that does not glorify God.

Sin is always judged harshly, but the worst sinners are those who lead others into sin.  The New Testament notes that it would be better if such people had a millstone tied around their necks and were thrown into the sea.

If you have taken the responsibility of leading others, remember the consequences of leading them astray.  Teaching the truth is a responsibility that goes hand in hand with the privilege of leadership.


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9 thoughts on “leading others into sin

  1. I love the definition of sin in the Greek. I don’t love sin! lol! But I love the definition of the what the word means in the Greek. The word “sin” means, “Properly to miss the mark (and so not share in the prize), i.e. (figuratively) to err, especially (morally) to sin:–for your faults, offend, sin, trespass.” (Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance).

    I love the first definition, “to miss the mark as so not to share in the prize.” Where have we heard this? Oh yea! Apostle Paul said,

    “I press toward the MARK for the PRIZE of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14 ).

    It’s safe to say that sin means, “to miss the mark as to not share in the prize of THE HIGH CALLING IN CHRIST JESUS!”

    Ok? So what does that mean? Well, what is the HIGH CALLING (also called ‘holy calling’ and ‘heavenly calling’) in Christ Jesus?

    There are FIVE of parts of our HIGH calling:

    Of course ON earth we are called to me salt, light, sons of God, saints. Paul was called to be an apostle. But these are NOT HIGH, HOLY, HEAVENLY, SPIRITUAL, KINGDOM callings. They are for THIS LIFE. The HIGH calling is IN THE NEXT LIFE! So what are we CALLED TO BE in the NEXT LIFE?

    1. KINGS under the KING (or Queens for the ladies): “And hath made US [the CHURCH] KINGS” (Rev. 1:6).

    2. PRIESTS under the HIGH PRIEST: “And hast made US [the Church] unto our God kings and PRIESTS: and we shall REIGN ON THE EARTH.” (Rev. 5:10).

    3. JUDGES under the JUDGE: “And I saw THRONES, and they sat upon them [the CHURCH], and JUDGMENT was given unto them [the CHURCH]: and I saw the souls of them [the CHURCH] that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus …” (Rev. 20:4). “Do ye not know that THE SAINTS SHALL JUDGE THE [SINNERS OF THE] WORLD? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that WE [THE CHURCH] shall JUDGE angels [the DEMONS]? how much more things that pertain to this life? If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.” (1 Cor. 6:2-4).

    4. LORDS under the LORD: “The Lamb [JESUS] shall overcome them: for He is Lord OF LORDS, and King of kings: and they [the CHURCH] that are with him are CALLED, and chosen, and faithful [they that are with Him–the CHURCH–are the LORDS AND KINGS]. ” (Rev. 17:14).

    5. SAVIOURS under the Saviour: “And SAVIOURS [the CHURCH] shall come up on mount Zion to JUDGE [the same Judges that judge the world will JUDGE] the mount of Esau; and the KINGDOM shall be the LORD’S.” (Obadiah 1:21).

    So what is “sin”? OR whats does it mean to, “… MISS the MARK as to not share in the PRIZE of THE HIGH CALLING IN CHRIST JESUS?”

    It is when we–the Church–who are Kings, Priests, Judges, Lords, and Saviours ACT LESS THEN WE ARE CREATED TO BE, which it to be conformed in to the IMAGE (KING, PRIEST, JUDGE, LORD, AND SAVIOUR) who IS Jesus (the Head) because HE IS (I AM) the BODY!

    “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as HE [Jesus the HEAD] IS, SO ARE WE [the Church and BODY of Christ] IN THIS WORLD. (1 John 4:17).

    Whatever Jesus IS RIGHT NOW, so are WE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!

    Jesus sits on the right-hand of the Father as a KING, PRIEST, JUDGE, LORD, AND SAVIOUR! Since that is what He IS …. THEN SO ARE WE (Kings, Priests, Judges, Lords, and Saviours) RIGHT NOW IN THIS WORLD!

    To sin is to deviate from our place of RULERSHIP. Sin means to step out of our RULING OFFICES to act like mere men. This is what God CREATED ADAM FOR! Remember this verse?

    “So God created man in His own image [AS HE IS], in the image of God [AS HE IS] created He him [SO ARE WE]; male and female created He [AS HE IS] them [SO ARE WE]. And God [AS HE IS] blessed them [SO ARE WE], and God [AS HE IS] said unto them [SO ARE WE], BE [AS HE IS] fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and SUBDUE IT: and HAVE DOMINION [as Kings, Priests, Judges, Lords, and Saviours] OVER the fish of the sea, and OVER the fowl of the air, and OVER every living thing that moveth UPON THE EARTH [so are we IN THE WORLD or ‘upon the earth’].” (Genesis 1:27-28).

    Jesus did a lot more than just “die for my sins” or “save me from hell”. He came to RESTORE Human Being back to their RULERSHIP AS HE IS! So that we can say, “SO ARE WE!” That is what He was teaching His disciples (apostles) while He was on earth through all the miracles and HAVING DOMINION over the WAVES AND THE WIND. Have AUTHORITY OF THE DEMONS AND SICKNESS! Tossing mountains into the seas, healing people with OUR SHADOWS (like Peter) or healing through handkerchiefs (LIKE PAUL). Parting SEAS like Moses. STOPPING THE SUN like Joshua! NOT BURNING IN FURNACE like the three Hebrew Children! SHUTTING THE MOUTHS OF LIONS like Daniel!

    When Christians DON’T REALIZE their place and AUTHORITY in God’s WILL to go GREATER WORKS than Christ, as He said we would do, IS SIN! He who KNOWS to do WHAT JESUS DOES and doesn’t do it, TO HIM it IS sin says James. TO DOUBT your place and position in Christ is SIN. He who doubts is DAMNED says Paul, because whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

    Final Words: “Jesus said unto him [YOU], IF YOU can believe, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE to him THAT BELIEVES. ” (Mark 9:23).

    • There are some points that are not preached very often any more – they are right on!

      • I know. It’s sad. But the Scriptures predicted that Jesus would not return until all things lost to the church through the Dark Ages would restored. Gifts of the Spirit, truth, biblical fellowship and unity, miracles, signs wonder, the apostles and prophets, finances (wealth of the sinner shall be laid up for the just who live by faith) and much much more. Just like the gold was taken out of the Babylonian temple (Mystery Babylon has fallen) back to the restored temple of God (the Bride and Body of Christ).

      • squirrel type question – do you have a definitive on the anti-christ?

  2. People make this antichrist thing harder than it is. AntiChrist means “against the anointing”, “against God”. Paul said, “Because the carnal mind is enmity [Gk: ‘DEEP SEATED HATRED’]AGAINST GOD: for it is NOT subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then THEY [PLURAL] that are IN THE FLESH cannot please God.” (Romans 8:7-8).

    The antichrist is “THEY” plural. It’s not ONE being. John said, “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even NOW are there MANY antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. THEY [PLURAL] went out FROM US, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but THEY went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. For MANY deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist [OR MANY DECEIVERS ARE MANY ANTICHRISTS].” (1 John 2:18-19; 2 John 1:7).

    Whoever the antichrist or MANY ANTICHRIST IS THEY [plural are PART OF THE CHURCH].

    There are WHEAT and TARES! Satan is an IMITATOR of God. antichrist is an IMITATOR OF CHRIST. Antichrist spirit is an IMITATOR OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! This also means that ANTICHRIST HAS A BODY, BRIDE, AND CHURCH–A WHORE–Mystery Babylon IS A CHURCH full of MANY ANTICHRIST SEEDS or SEED as in ONE. We are called Abraham’s SEED. We are with Christ all ONE. It’s the same as antichrist. THEY [plural] BEING MANY, are ONE BODY! So the scripture will call them ONE being MANY! They have a “mark” on their forehead called the CARNAL MIND. We have a “mark” called the MIND OF CHRIST!

    THEY [plural] are MANY antichrist. The antichrist is also called the BEAST! How MANY beast are there? ONE or many? Let’s “let the bible interpret the Bible.”

    Seven times God calls mankind, ALL humanity “BEASTS”:

    [1] “Nevertheless man being in honor [Heb: ‘value, i.e. (concretely) WEALTH; abstractly costliness, dignity:–honor, precious, precious things, price’] abides not [does not endure]: he is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish” and “Man that is in honor [value, wealth, costliness, dignity, honor, precious things], and understandeth not, is LIKE THE BEASTS [Heb: ‘DUMB beasts’] that perish [Heb: ‘FAIL, perish, destroy’].” (Ps. 49:12, 20).

    Does this “man being in honor [wealth] abides not” sound familiar? Or does this “man that is in honor [wealth], and understands not” sound familiar? How about the Parable of the Sower:

    “When any one heareth the [SPIRITUAL] Word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not [‘Man that … understandeth not, is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish’], then cometh the wicked one [Satan], and catcheth away that [Word of the Kingdom] which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side. He also that received seed [the Word of God] among the thorns is he that heareth the word [the SPIRITUAL Word of God]; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness OF RICHES [Gk: ‘WEALTH (as fullness), i.e. (LITERALLY) MONEY, possessions, or (figuratively) abundance, richness, (specifically) VALUABLE bestowment:–riches’], choke the word [the SPIRITUAL Word of God], and he becometh unfruitful [‘Man (a human being) being in honor (value, WEALTH; costliness, precious things) abides not (he becomes unfruitful): he is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish’].” (Matthew 13:19 & 22).

    “And these are they likewise which [the Word of God] are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the [SPIRITUAL] word [of God], immediately receive it [the Word of God] with gladness; and have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time [‘Man being in honor abides not (does not endure, but ‘endures but for a time’): he is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish’]: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended.” (Mark 4:16-17).

    “They on the rock are they, which, when they hear [The Word of God], receive the word [the Word of God] with joy; and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away [‘Man being in honor abides not (does not endure, but ‘endures but for a time’): he is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish’].” (Luke 8:13).

    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine [‘Man being in honor abides not (does not endure): he is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish’]; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2nd Timothy 4:3-4).

    [2] “One of themselves, even a prophet [poet] of their own, said, The Cretians are always liars, EVIL BEASTS [Gk: ‘a dangerous animal:–(venomous, wild) beast’], slow bellies [lazy gluttons]. This witness is TRUE” (Titus 1:12-13).

    [3] “But these, as NATURAL [Gk: ‘physical, literal, lower (worldly, earthly) or BESTIAL nature’] BRUTE [Gk: ‘irrational, unreasonable’] BEASTS, made to be taken and destroyed [PERISH], speak evil [blasphemy] of the things that they understand not [‘Man that … understandeth not, is LIKE THE BEASTS that perish’]; and shall utterly PERISH [Gk: DESTROY’] in their own corruption [Gk: ‘DESTROY, PERISH’]” (2 Pet. 2:12).

    [4] “Wherefore [For what reason] are WE [mankind, humanity] COUNTED [considered] AS BEASTS, and reputed vile [Heb: ‘religiously IMPURE’] in Your [God’s] sight?” (Job 18:3).

    [5] “So foolish [Heb: ‘BRUTISHNESS; (concretely) STUPID:–brutish, BRUTISH PERSON, foolish’] was I, and ignorant [‘understandeth not’]: I was as A BEAST before Thee [God].” (Psalm 73:22).

    [6] “But these speak evil [blasphemy] of those things which they know not [‘understandeth not’]: but what THEY KNOW NATURALLY [Gk: ‘PHYSICALLY, LITERALLY, lower (worldly, earthly) or BESTIAL nature’], AS BRUTE [Gk: ‘irrational, unreasonable’] BEASTS, in those things they corrupt [destroy] themselves” (Jude 1:10).

    In 2 Pet. 2:12 and Jude 1:10 are pretty much the same statement of truth even though written by two different men. But notice the that they are not only “BEASTS” but the are brute beasts, only knowing thing NATURALLY [LITERALLY, PHYSICALLY] through their 5 senses, and they understand not what they are speaking evil of so they are CORRUPT. Yes they speak only what they know naturally, physically, carnally, material, literal, earthly, or WORLDLY.

    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try [test, judge, examine] the spirits whether they are of God: because MANY false prophets are gone out into the world. THEY ARE OF THE WORLD: therefore SPEAK THEY [the false prophets in the spirit of ANTICHRIST v. 3], and THE WORLD HEARETH THEM. We are of God [‘SPIRIT and truth’ (John 4:23-24)]: he that knoweth God [SPIRITUALLY] heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, AND THE SPIRIT OF ERROR [or antichrist, that’s the BEAST in Rev. 13, but it’s not just one for v. 1 says their are ‘MANY’].” (1st John 4:1, 5-6).

    [7] “I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men [ALL mankind, humanity], that God might MANIFEST them [ALL mankind, humanity], and that THEY [PLURAL] might see [perceive, discern] that THEY THEMSELVES ARE BEASTS” (Ecclesiastes 3:18). Look what happens after ALL HUMANITY SEES THAT THEY THEMSELVES ARE BEASTS. God MANIFEST THEM.

    Strong’s Concordance Hebrews definition of “manifest” says Heb#1305 “to clarify (i.e. BRIGHTEN), EXAMINE, SELECT:–MAKE BRIGHT, choice, CHOSEN, CLEANSE (BE CLEAN), clearly, POLISH, PURE, PURIFY, SHEW SELF PURE, PURGE, PURGE OUT.”

    Remember this? “but THEY went out, that they might be MADE MANIFEST that they [(PLURAL) ARE BEASTS and] were NOT all of us.” They are not of us because they are tares, wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc. THEY are many.

    The beast rises up out of the “seas”. What is this sea?

    “The waters which thou sawest, where the whore [fake church bride of the BEAST] sitteth, ARE PEOPLES, and MULTITUDES, and NATIONS, and LANGUAGES.” (Rev. 17:15).

    These are the MANY antichrist! THEY ARE ALL CARNAL MINDED. A carnal mind if the MARK of the beast. The IMAGE of the beast is “Now the works of the flesh [IMAGE OF THE BEAST] are MANIFEST, which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that THEY [these MANY ANTICHRISTS] which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” (Gal. 5:19-21).

    And the number of the beast is 6. Man was made on the 6 day. ADAM was created on the sixth day. He was the ORIGINAL ANTICHRIST! That’s why we MUST BE BORN AGAIN! If you are NOT IN CHRIST, then you are IN ANTICHRIST (ADAM). The name Adam means, “clay, dirt, fleshly, CARNAL.” Which is the MARK of the beast. A Carnal MIND is the Mark of the beast.

    Jesus said you will KNOW them (those of God and those AGAINST GOD) by FRUIT! The Fruit (CHARACTER IMAGE) of the Spirit or FRUIT (WORKS–IMAGE OF THE FLESH). Until one is converted to Christ HE IS ANTICHRIST!

    The antichrist is the SON of perdition and the SON of Satan. “Ye are of your FATHER the devil [Satan], and the lusts of your FATHER ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. ” (John 8:44). Adam obeyed THE LUST OF THEIR FATHER and not THEE Holy Father. Only the LAST ADAM and those IN HIM will obey and learn to obey their father, “Though He [Jesus] were a Son [AS HE IS, SO ARE WE], yet LEARNED He obedience by the things WHICH HE SUFFERED; and being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto ALL THEM [THE CHURCH] that obey Him.” (Hebrews 5:8-9).

    Those led by God, led by Christ, led by the Spirit, led by the Word are CHRIST!

    Those led by Satan, led by antichrist, lead by antichrist spirit (flesh), led by deceit ARE ANTICHRIST!

    • Hope you saved all of this for a posting sometime in the future – excellent stuff!

      • I try to remember to do that. But sometimes I forget to so that really sucks! lol! But I do have a folder somewhere on my desktop and MacBook of questions and answer kind of lectures. So I do keep a good amount of them and then turn them into posts. I need to start using them on my other blog. I have 5 blogs that I write on. One is an actually self hosted I have two here on and two on blogger. And I guest post on a youth sport site. I write at least 5 posts a day and one of the posts are for e-Books for Amazon and Lulu. lol!

      • Good stuff – can’t wait to see what all this will produce in you and how God will take these gifts and use and continue to grow them for His glory! Blessings

      • I can’t wait either! lol!

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